California Muslim Just Went On TV To Say It’s Time To Start Annihilating Americans – BIG Mistake

Muslims have been trying to infiltrate our society for many years, and now, they are doing so much more aggressively and being very upfront about it.

After receiving the support of former President Barack Obama, for eight years, they have become fearless, when President Trump took office, they realized that it was no longer going to be an easy ride.

So, with that in mind, the actions of a Muslim leader in northern California have shocked America, as he showed the true face of Islam on national television.

As soon as Muslims manage to establish themselves, just a tiny bit, they shift from being the “victims” to being the aggressors, calling for the elimination of the Jewish people is antisemitic, to say the least, this genocidal culture is not accepted in the United States of America!

The next time a Democrat is trying to frame Islam as a religion of peace, watch him get desperate when he has no answer after seeing the video above, the only goal that the Muslims have in the West, is to conquer us with their sheer numbers, we must not allow that to happen.

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