CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets HUMILIATED After Yelling at Sarah Huckabee During Press Briefing [VIDEO]

At today’s on camera press briefing, reporter Jim Acosta was vicious to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and now he is regretting his tirade against the beloved press secretary.

You can see the full press briefing below but the very end is where the reporter will not relent on Sarah Huckabee and yells “why was the President joking about police brutality? Sarah, why would the President joke about police brutality? That’s not a joking matter!”

At this point Sarah Huckabee has already politely concluded the press briefing and the reporter is yelling after her in a very rude tone as she walks out.

What the reporter failed to realize is the Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco has gone on the record praising the Trump administration for boosting the morale of law enforcement officers across the country and specifically in his department.


The video shows DeMarco’s interview on Fox & Friend last week where he himself jokes about police brutality saying that this tough job needs a little bit of joking around with the amount of stress these men and women undergo every day protecting Americans.

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