FLASHBACK: In 1993, Harry Reid Said ‘No Sane Country’ Rewards Illegals With Citizenship (VIDEO)

Liberals and their mainstream media give President Donald Trump so much heat because of his simple demands that U.S. immigration laws be enforced.

They seem to have forgotten that not that long ago, they demanded the same kind of respect for the law.

In 1993,  then Sen. Harry Reid explained how “no sane country” would ever reward illegal immigrants with citizenship or amnesty. He additionally spoke about the process of anchor babies, where illegal immigrants’ children that are born in the U.S. are given automatic citizenship. Look at this:

Look what I found!
In 1993, Harry Reid spoke forcefully that “NO Sane Country” would reward ILLEGALS. pic.twitter.com/QRE7ScMhHT
— America First! (@America_1st_) March 2, 2017

This shows just how hypocritical Democrats are – they criticize Trump day and night but when it comes to their own, they don’t know how to be critical.

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