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HE’S BACK: Jeff Sessions Just Won Back President Trump With An AMAZING Gift


HE’S BACK: Jeff Sessions Just Won Back President Trump With An AMAZING Gift

I think it goes without saying that the last week and a half was pretty tense between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A lot of people thought Sessions was as good as FIRED.

Well, with some hard work and changing of priorities, it looks like AG Sessions might have finally won back the President with this GENIUS present:

Jeff Sessions will launch a HUGE campaign to find and punish the White House leakers!

The big announcement is scheduled to be made in a Press Conference by Sessions himself this Friday, according to FOX News.

Remember how Trump was very upset that AG Sessions spending more time fighting Marijuana and increasing civil asset forfeitures when he should have been fighting against Russia, rooting out the leakers, exposing Imran Awan, helping to expose the crooks in Congress and root out violent gangs in inner cities across the country?

Well, this right here is Sessions trying to show the President he is gonna get his priorities straight and go where he is needed most. It also shows how much better the cabinet works with General Kelly in charge.

Now we will just see if the President is happy enough with the actions Sessions is taking to outweigh his recusal on Russia. I am sure they are on better terms now, but that is still a HUGE factor.

Let’s do a poll. Comment what YOU think Trump will do with Sessions now and share this out to see how many answers we can get.


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