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Michigan Just Took Their State Back From Muslims And Made Them Felons OVERNIGHT


Michigan Just Took Their State Back From Muslims And Made Them Felons OVERNIGHT

The State of Michigan has turned into a Sharia Swamp, all thanks to the anti-American immigration policies over the last 8 years from the Obama era. One would hardly recognize places like Dearborn, once a model All-American Town is now known as “Little Baghdad”. Their family owned businesses have had to close down, as residents find themselves surrounded by mosques, Islamic schools and “Bazaars”. Long time homeowners have seen with dismay their real state plummets as their city transformed into a third world country.

 In the wake of disturbing reports, that would position a Muslim as the next governor, lawmakers are realizing the Muslim takeover is a real threat and measures must be put in place to preserve the American Values. In an unprecedented move, Michigan lawmakers just passed a bill that seeks to outlaw most Muslims overnight. They are finally sending a clear message that this is America, not “Baghdad”.

Following the recent scandal in which doctors in compliance with Sharia loving parents were forcing female children to undergo genital mutilation, the state decided to make a clear announcement. Michigan has just passed a law that will sentence any Muslim found guilty of practicing genital Mutilation to prison for 15 years. This will involve Doctors, Nurses, Parents and other consenting Adults.

This Law is of special significance after earlier this month 8 reports came out of Doctors practicing this procedure all through the country. The practice had become commonly widespread in Muslims communities under the Obama era.
While before they would fly out of the country to perform it, in the last 8 years Muslims felt more comfortable performing the procedure within the country as Democrats turned a blind eye to them.

Alarming reports showed that often cases immigrants Muslims coerced American single mothers into joining their communities and then performed the procedure on their underaged daughters.

Female Genitalia Mutilation has been a federal crime for a long time. However many states do not have laws to prosecute it. With this new law, the state of Michigan has ample power to hunt down these sickening criminals.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for Muslims, that law will allow them to jail anyone who has engaged in this procedure in the last 2 years. Which could effectively mean thousands of felons.

It’s good to see lawmakers coming together to show this is American. Muslims needs to assimilate into Western Civilization or get the f*** out. If they want to carve up innocent girls and live under Sharia law, they can happily go back to doing that in their own disgusting filth-covered third world countries.

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