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The New Day of the American Militia! President Trump and the Second Amendment


The New Day of the American Militia! President Trump and the Second Amendment

“A New American Militia versus UN Troops with LENCO Bearcats, Federal Marshals, Police State, Armed Illegals and Islamic Insurrectionists”

The oldest and commonest form of recruitment in settled communities is militia. A militia rests on the obligation of the entire male population of weapon-bearing age to take the field in defense of the community and its territory.

As long as it fits functional and strategic needs, a militia is the ideal moral and political solution to the problem of military manpower. It avoids the creation of a powerful military class, with the consequent threat to constitutional government and civilian predominance.

It expresses the civic obligation of each man to defend his own society. It is cheap, since there is no unproductive military class. Upon a threat, they join the host, conquer the invader for a brief time, and return to their homes again.

Militia service was indeed the original form of universal conscription; but not conscription into an army. Traditionally, militia service has been seen as a right and a privilege rather than as an infringement of individual liberty.

In the Greek city-states it was the mark not only of a free citizen but of a citizen of some solid worth. In the United States, where the concept of militia service was derived – via English common law – the Second Amendment to the Constitution reaffirmed this sense of privilege and right and stated in addition that standing regular forces were a threat to constitutional liberties.

As President Trump valiantly restores American regular forces, he must simultaneously restore the American Militia to its highest quality with Swiss and Israeli militias as models. President Trump must always be aware that, in the event of his sudden demise, the regular forces he builds must not become a sudden threat to constitutional liberties, if suddenly passed into amoral, globalist, political-class controls!

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

The modern Swiss military system is based entirely on the ancient militia principle of a nation-in-arms and a universal obligation to serve. All Swiss citizens must serve from the ages of twenty to forty-eight. They keep their uniforms, weapons, and equipment at home; they are ready for mobilization at any time. The life of this highly civilian and peaceful state is permeated by military duty.

Of all the militias of modern times that have actually seen action, the Israeli forces have possessed the skill to achieve outstanding success in battle. The Israelis are a particularly intelligent and highly educated nation, and they have the constant spur of desperate national danger. America and Israel must now share these attributes! God Bless America and God Bless Israel!


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