TIME TO BOYCOTT: Proctor & Gamble New Add Attacks ALL WHITES As RACIST BULLIES Victimizing Blacks

Procter and Gamble just send a clear message to the “racist white folks. From now on, you should  get “your filthy hands” off of Bounty, Crest, Cascade, Gain, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Charmin, Tide, Downy, Gillette and other.

The company stereotyped all whites as insensitive, hate-filled racists in their latest commercial. Oh well, we’ll just spend our privileged money on something else…

The company clearly doesn’t respect their costumers, and they proved it in the commercial. Apparently, being ‘politically correct’ (whatever that means in this country) is more important than respecting all your costumers.

The commercial titled “The Talk”, features blacks kids as the victims of white racism and oppression. Their parents have “the talk” with them explaining that it’s not right but they’re going to have to deal with it.

 “You can do anything they can. The difference is you’ve got to work twice as hard and be twice as smart,” says one ‘mother’ to her ‘child’.

The commercial closes with the mother of the little girl in the opening telling her she’s not “pretty for a black girl” but just beautiful.This is an insensitive brainwashing that has become a great trend among liberals. They will keep shoving it in our faces.


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