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EXCLUSIVE: Bill O’Reilly Is BACK ON TV! Will You Watch Him Again?


EXCLUSIVE: Bill O’Reilly Is BACK ON TV! Will You Watch Him Again?

One America News haven’t been shy to show that they want to hire Bill O’Reilly after the host was fired by Fox News back in April.

O’Reilly’s 4 million viewers would give the upstart conservative network quite the boost. CEO Bob Herring took it to Twitter today to hint that a deal may be in the offing.

After reaching him on the phone, Herring confirmed that he sent the tweet.  He went on to explain that it was prompted by a remote interview that O’Reilly gave to One America from his home, which aired on the network at 3 p.m. ET. One America plans to rebroadcast the interview several times. Herring said:

“He said he’ll be on a lot more. I would love to hire him, but I can’t tell you anything that’s going on yet.”

Charles Herring, the company’s president and Bob Herring’s son, has stated earlier that the network has engaged in several conversations with O’Reilly and his agents. Charles was asked if he could compete with O’Reilly’s $18 million a year salary. Then, Bob responded:

“He was making quite a bit of money for Fox. I might be willing to share some of that with him. Who knows.”

Since his ouster from Fox, O’Reilly has appeared on Glenn Beck’s show on The Blaze and on his own podcast.


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