Schumer Betrayed The President Big Time, But He Struck Back And Took Him Down!!!

Democrats’ only wish is to either oust Trump from the office or to make sure he is not able to accomplish anything that he promised. Behind the scenes, they have been doing one thing: making sure that many of his Executive nominees could not get to work.

Senate Dems are doing everything in their power to slow down the work of those Executive officials . They literally obstructed their jobs, just as a tantrum!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Chuck Schumer said the following: 

“Now that there is no more health care, I have notified Leader McConnell we will agree on a robust package of nominees. They weren’t doing regular order on health care, so we’re not doing regular order on the things they want either.”

But isn’t just that why we elected Trump in the first place? To drain the swamp, and get America moving again.

Good news is, these obstructionists finally got to an end so that the president could finally start working. The work of the executive nominees would be to get the president’s agenda moving forward on important things, such as advancing his plans to overhaul the tax code and ease financial regulations.

If you’ve had it enough of this, share this so everyone can see why isn’t Trump able to get things done!

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