BREAKING: The President Eliminated 7 Government Programs And Made Democrats Reeling!!

The president has released his proposed budget plan and it made Democrats raging. This new plan will decrease wasteful spending and hopefully will get the U.S. debt under control in about a decade. It includes cutting taxes and eliminating bloated government programs. But after everything, it seems that there is a lot more fat in our government than we could imagine. 

The administration made an announcement according to which the government spent money on programs that have expired, bad programs aside.

From The Daily Wire: 

According to Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Trump Administration has uncovered about $300 billion in federal spending in programs that have expired. This spending was unauthorized and has a real impact on balancing the budget. 

Here are some of the expired programs and agencies and the spent amounts of money: 

• Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration ($251 million) 

• Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Grants and Education ($217 million) 

• Department of Health and Human Services, Community Services Block Grant ($714 million) 

• Department of Homeland Security, Port Security Grants and Transit Security Assistance (approx. $218 million) 

• Department of Housing and Urban Development, Choice Neighborhoods ($125 million) 

• Department of Housing and Urban Development, Choice Neighborhoods (this program has spent approx. $150 billion since 1974, without any measurable impact) 

• Department of Housing and Urban Development, Indian Community Development Block Grant ($60 million)

The list doesn’t end here. All of these have expired and Congress is refusing to renew them. Many of the programs have not even been proven to even be effective

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