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Cop Finds Baby In Hot Car, Shatters Window. Pulls Baby To Safety, Learns He’s Made Horrible Mistake


Cop Finds Baby In Hot Car, Shatters Window. Pulls Baby To Safety, Learns He’s Made Horrible Mistake

Lt. Jason Short received a 911 call about a baby abandoned alone in a car on a blazing hot day.

He immediately raced over to the Keene, New Hampshire, shopping square parking lot to investigate.

What he saw was horrifying.

A blanket was wrapped over a car seat. Tiny feet were sticking out from beneath the blanket. It all happened on a blazing sunny day. The temperature was 90 degrees. So the next thing he did was trying to rescue the baby. Jason Short broke the window on the car to try to rescue the poor fellow.

He pulled the baby out of the car using his short baton. After that, he called an ambulance, frightened that the baby was dead already.

People gathered around to see what was going on. The baby’s skin was blotchy and white.

Lt. Jason Short tried to rescue the baby with CPR rescue breaths. But something was really weird.

He moved his finger to the baby’s mouth and recognized the baby was not breathing. The baby looked like a plastic dummy.

The owner of the car was Carolynne Seiffert. While this scene was happening she was getting a new haircut at Super Cuts.

Seiffert was angered that her car was damaged. Short was a bit embarrassed by the situation but has stood by his actions.

Carolynne Seiffert was outraged that someone broke the window of her car trying to save a doll. Short was caught in a corner. He was embarrassed but stood by his actions.

Short reported to WMUR, “I would never assume that it’s a doll. I would always assume that it’s a child. I would never do anything different.”

That doll is worth $2,300. The doll weighs 10 pounds, 7 ounces and has an authentic baby outfit. Nevertheless, no one was hurt that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.

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