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Muslim White House Thief Just Got Bad News – How Should He Be Punished?


Muslim White House Thief Just Got Bad News – How Should He Be Punished?

The most explosive story in politics doesn’t concern Trump, Russia, healthcare, or even immigration, but the possible infiltration of Congress by Muslim spies.

At best, highly classified information was potentially compromised by unqualified employees.

At worst, a family of Pakistani Muslims had years of access to the information of some of Congress’ most important committees, including the House Armed Services Committee.

The investigation of Imram Awan, the Muslim staffer who worked with dozens of House Democrats and committees doing IT related work, is ongoing, but new details continue to emerge, painting a worse picture by the day.

He recently tried to flee to Pakistan, following his wife and the hundreds of thousands in funds he sent ahead. But he was caught at the gate, and can no longer escape.

As reported at the Daily Caller, the latest twist in the Awan investigation concerns yet another case of smashed hard drives.

Taking a page out of the Clinton handbook, Awan smashed a lot of hard drives right before the FBI sifted through his office and home.

The good news is, however, that there’s a good chance the data on them can be recovered.

It depends on what happens, but even if it is hit with a hammer, it probably doesn’t damage the platters that actually hold the data, which remains recoverable,” said Tom Hakim, engineering supervisor for, a New York-based lab that specializes in difficult digital retrieval.

In most cases, it’s very likely” the information on a smashed hard drive can be recovered “in two or three days, maybe a week,” Hakim said.

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