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Comey Just Made the Biggest Mistake of His Life & Sessions Caught Him — Lock Him Up!


Comey Just Made the Biggest Mistake of His Life & Sessions Caught Him — Lock Him Up!

The social media blogosphere continues to do the yeoman’s work of investigatory journalism that has all but been abandoned by the mainstream media.

On August 6, Newt-Trump Fan Club on Twitter posted the following message, “Jeff Sessions masterfully caught Comey committing PERJURY in his sworn testimony. Great job — now please indict him!”

The tweet was accompanied by the following video.

Clearly the former FBI Director failed to take copious notes like he confesses to do when meeting with the President, because he obviously forgot about the memo or was lying under oath.

The Federalist quotes the exchange between Dumbocrat Sinator Kamala Harris and Comey in a bit more detail:

HARRIS: Is there any kind of memorandum issued from the attorney general to the FBI outlining the parameters of his recusal?

COMEY: Not that I’m aware of.

HARRIS: Do you know if he reviewed any DOJ documents before he was recused?

COMEY: I don’t know.

HARRIS: And after he was recused. I’m assuming same answer?

COMEY: Same answer.

HARRIS: And aside from any notice or memorandum that was not sent or was what process would be to make sure that the attorney general would not have any connection to the investigation torsion your knowledge?

COMEY: I don’t know for sure. I know he had consulted with career ethics officials that know how to run a recusal at DOJ. But I don’t know what mechanism they set up.

Too bad a March 2 email with Comey’s name and email address on the recipient line exists, otherwise the disgraced lawman would have executed a perfect Clinton excuse pirouette.

Someone size Comey up for his prison orange!


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