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Dem Congressman has painting of Lady Liberty in hijab in his office


Dem Congressman has painting of Lady Liberty in hijab in his office

Why are liberals trying so hard to shove Islam down America’s throat?

Is it because they still want to prove that George W. Bush’s “War on Terror” was false, and embracing Islam is the best way to show how “wrong” he was?

It certainly isn’t because they’re a religious group of people.

Either way, the left will not be satisfied until all Americans are living under Sharia Law and every woman is wearing a hijab.

Speaking of hijabs – one young artist painted Lady Liberty in a hijab, and now that painting is hanging in the office of a United States representative in California.

From The Blaze

A high school student’s painting of the Statue of Liberty donning a hijab, a head covering worn by Muslim women, hangs in the California office of U.S. Rep. J. Luis Correa, a Democrat — and some people don’t like that one bit.

The painting in Correa’s Santa Ana office also depicts the statue holding her iconic torch over her left shoulder — like a baseball player waiting for a turn at bat — which We the People Rising activist Mike McGetrick called “perplexing, even disturbing” in a letter to Correa asking him to take it down, the Washington Post reported.

But it’s the association of the statue with Islam in the painting that seems to upset him most.

“Ultimately, to attribute a specific religion to the Statue of Liberty is inaccurate, unprofessional and offensive,” McGetrick wrote, the paper said, which added that We the People Rising advocates for stricter immigration laws.

The Post added that the group passed out fliers in local neighborhoods, urging constituents to contact Correa and tell him to get rid of the painting. What’s more, We the People Rising promises a Sept. 11 protest at Correa’s district office if the painting is not taken down, the paper added, citing a report by the Orange County Register.

During a meeting regarding the issue between We the People Rising members and a Correa staffer — which got a little heated at times — McGetrick called the painting “filthy.”


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