SHOCKING: New “Black Tax” Bill Paid By The White People Introduced By Congressional Black Caucus

According to recent reports from the Washington Examiner, Rep. John Conyers and the Congressional Black Circus (CBC) have reissued a bill to study reparations for America’s history of slavery. This is standard procedure for Conyers, who has been introducing the measure almost every year for the past couple decades.

Apparently, he thinks the government should tax white people just for being white. Sadly, this is just the latest Democratic attempt to reverse black poverty at the expense of all white Americans—regardless of whom they are or where they came from.

This absolutely outrageous proposal is stuck in the past and, if passed, would be ridiculously punitive to hardworking white Americans. The real solution to poverty is not about government handouts or giving out other people’s money—it depends on teaching those in poverty how to successfully care for their families.

Slavery was outlawed in America over 150 years ago. At this point, nobody living in America has owned slaves or been a slave. Furthermore, not every white American’s ancestors participated in the horrendous trade. To make that assertion is short-sighted and biased.


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