Muslim Demands Pig Farmer Move Because They’re Building A Mosque Next Door, Farmer Has Perfect Response

The United States have welcomed people from all over the world, no matter their faith. But, when refugees try to destroy the traditions and values of long-standing Americans, they must stand up and show that we won’t be intimidated by anyone.

Farmer Craig Baker, who has a swine farm, had an encounter with an Islamic group – the Katy Islamic Association, who moved nearby and asked Baker to get rid of his pigs.

According to reports, there refugees were looking to build a mosque and community compound on the 11 acres they purchased alongside his farm.

Baker didn’t appreciate what the people asked of him, saying that they knew about the pigs when they bought the property, and it’s not fair for them to ask him to get rid of them.

Other neighbors have supported Baker’s races, even coming in the pouring rain and giving donations ranging from $100 to $1000 to sponsor the events. These same people are against building a mosque at their city.

It’s still unclear why radical leftist don’t come forward with support for Baker. We should all show support Baker in order to remind these refugees that America is all about freedom.


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