Obama Just Appeared At A Rap Concert And Ran On Stage With Chilling Demand For Thugs

Barack Obama does not want to give up power. Not that he has any left, but he is trying as hard as he can to make sure that he is not replaced by President Donald Trump. And he has been taking some pretty severe steps to ensuring that he maintains whatever power he has left.

Speaking of the left, they love him. They make that clear with the attacks of President Trump. But what Obama just did during a rap concert is worse than any attack a liberal could pin against Trump.

Obama knows how to make a splash. That is what he did for 8 years straight and the American people would fall for it a lot of the time. He would make sure that something he did was made out to be some huge thing even though it rarely was.

Liberals have been trying to claim that anyone that disagrees with their values are Nazis. Have they forgotten what that movement stood for? We are nothing close to that right now and we will not be as long as President Trump is in power. But if someone should be looked at with that connotation, the liberals are doing their part.

One of the big ways that Hitler took and maintained power was by the use of propaganda. Propaganda such as this poster.

But Obama had even scarier things to talk about. He went over the loud speakers at the concert and all but begged people to donate to his causes.

This was all done in a bad attempt to help the dying democratic party.

He tried to encourage Chance the Rapper to continue his racist tendencies. That is exactly what we need in this country right now. Obama really is doing whatever he can to bring President Trump down. This goes hand in hand with his latest work at the concert.

Liberals have applauded him for anything and everything he has done. Right now, he is riding high, thinking that the country is behind him. Little does he know that half the country never wants to see him again.

He will learn soon enough.


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