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Look What Leftists Did To The Lincoln Memorial – This Is Really Bad!


Look What Leftists Did To The Lincoln Memorial – This Is Really Bad!

Yes, freedom of speech is a great thing. But that doesn’t mean that people can do and say whatever they want with no consequences. With President Trump in charge, many things are about to be changed. No longer will this country be a breeding ground of hate and drama. The urgent need for changes was seen first hand after the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized with the words, “F*** Law.”

The people responsible for this action have not yet been identified, but the search is active. People who did this atrocity must be punished. We cannot continue to let people get away with such things.

Team members explain they are using a “gel-type architectural pain stripper safe for use on historic stone.”

“Treatments will be applied as necessary until all evidence of the graffiti is gone,” they note.

Authorities are asking the public for any help on catching these criminals. These things cannot happen again. We need to make sure that the Lincoln Memorial is better protected from attacks like this.

Nothing is known about the vandals and their beliefs, but chances are they are liberals that are angry at Trump, reports World Politicus. At least, that’s the usual situation these days. We know liberals love the ‘drama’.

Regardless of who did it, this is something everyone should learn from. A memorial of the stature of Lincoln must be protected from something like this. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and now people have to work very hard to ensure that there are no remnants of paint on the statue’s surface.

Liberals think that they can get away with behavior like this. We have to prove them wrong. They can be angry and protest about whatever they want, but there are rules that must be respected.

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