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Chelsea Manning Disrespects Troops on Veterans Day With “Fairy Tale” Tweet Chelsea Manning Writes Sickening Vet. Day Tweet


Chelsea Manning Disrespects Troops on Veterans Day With “Fairy Tale” Tweet Chelsea Manning Writes Sickening Vet. Day Tweet

On Veterans Day, millions of Americans pause to reflect upon the sacrifice that so many have made over the years, and thank them for their sacrifice.

Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, was not one of those people. Manning, who was thrown in jail for leaking millions of documents, chose to celebrate in a different way.

Manning went on Twitter and posted a message complaining about the wars that have been fought, and suggested a better way to “honor” veterans.

“Want to support veterans !? Stop sending us overseas to kill or be killed for your nationalist fairy tales(.) We can do better,” Manning wrote.

The tweet also had enough emojis to make you want to puke, including a rainbow and a wink face.

Actually the tweet itself is enough to make you want to puke. How dare Manning actually think anyone cares about the types of military policies he wants to advocate for?

Many of the comments under Manning’s post were from people slamming him for having the gall to claim to be a veteran by using the word “us.”

“A dishonorable discharge means you don’t get to say ‘us,’” wrote one Twitter user.

“Want to support veterans? Stop leaking information that puts their lives in danger. You can try harder,” wrote another.

Sadly, there were also a number of comments from some stunningly ignorant (or stupid) people actually agreeing with Manning’s sentiment.

Nevertheless, Manning is a traitor to this nation, and one that should still be in jail.

Scrolling through Manning’s Twitter account should be enough to convince anyone that this person has some serious mental problems.

Every tweet has countless emojis in it. It looks like something from a 4-year-old girl’s coloring book. There are some serious mental issues here that clearly never were handled.

Manning is a disgrace to this nation. Manning’s only claim to fame is that after leaking classified documents, and putting countless troops in harms way, he decided to “become a woman,” which somehow makes him an idol to the left.

Manning represents the absolute worst this country has to offer.

Veterans Day is about honoring the true heroes of the United States — the ones who did something with their lives, not the mentally delusional ones who are only good at posing in women’s magazines and sending tweets.


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