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Jeff Sessions Has Had Enough Of Paul Ryan, What He Just Said Will RUIN Him!


Jeff Sessions Has Had Enough Of Paul Ryan, What He Just Said Will RUIN Him!

It’s impossible to eliminate enemies without them causing any damage in the meantime. Many have been concerned about Paul Ryan’s loyalty and cooperation because he “drags his feet” on so many issues, and seems determined to stop as many of Trump’s campaign pledges as possible.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided not to just stand by and watch what’s happening without doing anything. On ABC’s “This Week” he explained that t regardless of anyone’s “pussyfooting around”, they were going to Get the Wall Built.

Sessions said that he doesn’t expect Mexicans to pay anything when it comes to the wall, although there are ways they can contribute. Even without their help, Trump’s administration is set of finding a way to build the wall. Sessions said:

“We’re going to get it paid for one way or the other.”


Liberals and all those who are against the wall being build should ask themselves these questions:

  • When Obama, Hillary Clinton and even Bill Clinton have said in the past that they want to build more walls on the Mexican-American border, did you support it?
  • Are the other 65 nations in the world that have border walls (including Mexico) all just racist? (And if the answer is yes, by the way, then as Mexico has a border wall, shouldn’t we be keeping these racists out of the country?)
  • Why do you want to destroy the Mexican economy? If the people coming to the US are good for the economy, than surely as they have left Mexico, the Mexican economy must be having a hard time?)



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