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General James Mattis Just Pulled Of A Stunner, After Weeks Of Rumours Unleashes New Investigation On Department Of…


General James Mattis Just Pulled Of A Stunner, After Weeks Of Rumours Unleashes New Investigation On Department Of…

He has made a point to be at the epicenter of all discussions and is one hell of an administrator.

 That said, he is also very sensitive to how his service men and women are treated, but equally how they comport themselves while wearing the uniform. Like his successors in the military, he expected the very best behavior and respect for the country and the military.

To be even more proactive when it comes to legal proceedings, and in light of the recent admitted reporting error by the US Air Force when it failed to give information on Texas shooter Devin Kelley to the FBI following his bad conduct discharge.

Secretary Mattis has broadened the scope of the original order to investigate the files and reporting procedures of all branches of service in order to catch up on perhaps decades of malfeasance and misreporting!

The Daily Caller:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is requesting the Department of Defense Inspector General review a procedural reporting error which allowed Texas mass killer Devin Kelley to legally purchase a firearm, a Monday memo released by the Pentagon reveals.

 The memo broadens the purview of the inquiry to the entire Pentagon’s reporting procedures to the FBI for entry into a background check database used by firearms sellers. The procedures have come under intense scrutiny after the Air Force admitted culpability Monday in failing to report Kelley’s military conviction for domestic assault to the FBI.

U.S. law dictates that any conviction of domestic violence or dishonorable discharge within the U.S. military must be reported to the FBI NICS system to prevent future firearms purchases.

The Air Force’s error allowed Kelley purchase firearms four times after his release and bad conduct discharge from the military, including the weapon he used to kill 26 people in cold blood. Mattis’s widened investigation and a Daily Caller News Foundation review indicate the error could be far more widespread than one-off.

As with the Devin Kelley case, it is supposed that there are literally hundreds more of these cases where a person who was convicted of domestic abuse and separated from service was not reported to law enforcement and could, therefore, buy a weapon without a red flag popping up in the NCIS system.
Bravo to the general for taking the lead on this issue.
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